Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation Opens Registration for Inaugural Fundraiser Relay Race

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, in partnership with RunAnyway, recently announced open registration for the first annual “450 For The Fallen” on Memorial Day Weekend. The running relay spans 450-miles and raises funds in support of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to providing college scholarships for the children of military personnel killed in the line of duty.

“We created this race around Memorial Day to honor those that we’ve lost and to remember that our goal is to help the children they left behind,” said John Coogan, Executive Director of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. “So far, our scholarships and financial assistance have helped many bright and motivated students attend and graduate from some of the top universities in the country, but there are thousands more that need our assistance.”

The race begins in Concord, Mass. on May 22 and culminates in Arlington, Va. on Memorial Day, May 26.  The relay is divided into stages varying from two to ten miles and participants can register to run any portion of the race for a pledge of $50.  Supporters are encouraged to raise additional funds individually and those who wish to contribute, but are unable to run, can donate directly on the event website. 

For more information on the 450 for the Fallen relay, visit