Teddy Bears Help Kids Of Fallen Heroes

WFMY2News: Teddy Bears Help Kids Of Fallen Heroes

A Winston-Salem, NC company is on a mission to reduce stress for children whose parents are deployed. Click here for the video

Nightime anxiety is common for many children, and can be more so for children whose parents are deployed. The ZZZBears company founder, Justin Baum came up with idea to ease his daughters nighttime anxiety,“One day, as I was browsing the Marine Corps Base Exchange, a teddy bear wearing a Marine sweatshirt caught my eye. When I returned home, I presented Emma with the bear and a story that would ease her nighttime anxiety and launch a business. ‘This is Marine bear,’ I told her, ‘part of an elite fighting force that has protected our nation for more than 200 years. And now, he's ready to protect you.’ It worked and his company was born.

Baum says his company pledges to donate a minimum of $50 every month to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.