Fox Sports: San Diego Chargers Offensive Line Takes the #DropandGiveMe10 Challenge; Challenges Denver's O-Line

The San Diego Chargers offensive line took the ‪#‎DropAndGiveMe10 push-up challenge for Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, and they have challenged Denver Broncos O-line next!  Click Here to watch their video. 

From Fox Sports:

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge was wildly successful during its run, and it looks like another charity is hoping to have the same kind of success with a different challenge. It is the #DropandGiveMe10 challenge and it is just like it sounds--ten push ups. The campaign kicked off Memorial Weekend and will benefit the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

The Foundation benefits the college and educational needs of children who have lost a parent who was serving in the armed forces. It has not exploded like the ice bucket challenge yet, but give it time. The cause is certainly worthy.