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It's important not to lose sight of the fact that the thousands of men and women who will be putting their lives on the line in the coming months and years (in addition to the scores of American armed forces who have done so already) will be most impacted by this latest development. Their sacrifices are worth remembering, and their selflessness worth celebrating.

In an effort to ensure that these brave men and women aren't lost in the shuffle, we've compiled a list of seven times everyday Americans demonstrated their respect and appreciation for our troops. Maybe they'll inspire the rest of us.

When a pushup charity challenge made a difference for military families.

Matt Lauer does pushups for 'Drop 10' charity challenge 

Matt Lauer does pushups for 'Drop 10' charity challenge 

In 2015, the #DropAndGiveMe10 pushup charity challenge raised a lot of money for military families. The challenge, which required participants to do 10 pushups and donate a chosen amount of money for each pushup to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, attracted attention from celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Matt Lauer, and Bear Grylls.