Rebar Support Products Launches New Product Line That Will Benefit Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Reston, VA – Rebar Support Products has developed a new product line, Diamond Blades, which will benefit Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots). For every blade sold, one dollar will go to surviving children’s college education and for every t-shirt sold bearing the Fallen Patriots logo $0.50 will be donated to the foundation. 

Diamond blades are used to cut concrete and other material associated with either concrete maintenance, deconstruction and or construction. 

“Rebar Support Products can think of no Americans that have given more for their country than those that have fallen in its service,” explains Roger Holland, co-owner of Rebar Support Products. “We simply want to give something back for their sacrifice.”

Fallen Patriots depends on contributions from loyal supporters, like Rebar Support Products, to continue to help fund and support the children of our fallen heroes. Partners continued dedication, in ways ranging from financial support to creating awareness, has helped Fallen Patriots continue to fulfil their mission to ensure a future for surviving military children.

Nearly 20,000 children have lost an active duty parent in the military over the last 35 years. Fallen Patriots works to find each and every child to ensure they receive all necessary college funding. By providing support for Fallen Patriots, Rebar Support Products is making an instrumental investment in the future of America.

About Rebar Support Products

Rebar Support Products, based in Louisville, KY, is a manufacturer and distributor of concrete accessories for precast, commercial and residential applications in the concrete industry.  Rebar Support Products offers slab bolsters, spacer wheels, individual high chairs, mesh chairs, end caps, rebar stakes, footer chairs, smooth dowel and anchor bolts.  Their quality product line and excellent service will help solve the solutions for your concrete pouring requirements.

About Fallen Patriots

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation honors the sacrifices of military heroes by ensuring the success of their children through college education. Since 2002, Children of Fallen Patriots has provided more than $14 million in total assistance, including college scholarships, supplemental grants and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Help today by visiting