Feb 2, 2016

Jacksonville, FL. — Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation will launch its Selfless Acts campaign, honoring different Selfless Acts that our fallen patriots have achieved. Soldiers that died in the line of duty acted on the ultimate selfless act, sacrificing their lives for our continued freedom. Four Chaplains Day, the anniversary date of when four United States Army chaplains gave their lives to save other civilian and military personnel as the troop ship U.S. Army Transport (USAT) Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943 during World War II, will be integrated into the month-long campaign. Fallen Patriots will stress the importance of selfless service to humanity without regard to race, ethnicity or religious beliefs, just like the four chaplains did in February 73 years ago.

Selfless soldiers are those who truly go above and beyond the call of duty. Our military heroes fight together, face death together and risk their lives for each other. They lead with their heart and soul in a manner worthy of respect from their followers. Fallen Patriots stresses the importance of honoring selfless soldiers like Michael L. McNulty, who was killed in Iraq.

Michael gave his life doing what he thought he must to make the world a better place. His sacrifice taught his son, Eric McNulty, that anyone who has the ability to do something has the responsibility to do it.

Fallen Patriots understands that Gold Star military children have to make selfless sacrifices every day. The families that are left behind, and the children who support their deployed parents are the ones most affected by soldiers’ services.

“My dad gave his life keeping his promise to himself that he would do all he could to keep those he loved safe,” explained Eric. “Growing up in the military and watching my father every day taught me that life isn't just about making it through; a life without principle and purpose isn't a life at all.”

Fallen Patriots continues to strive to ensure a future college education for Gold Star children, like Eric, whose parents died due to their selfless service. The foundation believes this is the one of the best ways they can honor those who died defending our country.