May 26, 2016

Jacksonville, FL. – Memorial Day was created to ensure the nation was given the opportunity to publically demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members, past and present. The loss of life and its effect on families throughout the country inspired the creation of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots). The foundation honors those who died defending our country, every day, by providing college scholarships for children of the fallen.

Over 97% of those killed in action are men, often leaving behind a family. Fallen Patriots scholar, Nicole Canegata’s, life has never been the same since she lost her father on January 20th, 2007. Her father, David C. Canegata III, died when his Black Hawk Helicopter crashed from enemy fire during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“My Dad was the most patriotic and courageous person I knew. He died doing what he loved most, serving his country and fighting for what he believed. This was his life’s purpose,” explained Nicole. “He knew the risks and went willingly to Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure our security. He is my hero!”

Nicole believes that although the void of missing her father will never be filled, he served a higher and greater purpose. She is grateful for his selfless spirit, and salutes his bravery.

Nearly 20,000 children have lost an active duty parent in the military over the last 35 years. Fallen Patriots works to find each and every child to ensure they receive all necessary college funding. By providing support for surviving children, like Nicole, Fallen Patriots is making an instrumental investment in the future of America.

Leading up to Memorial Day, is an important time for our entire nation to join Fallen Patriots and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that so many soldiers and their families have made.

About Fallen Patriots

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation honors the sacrifices of military heroes by ensuring the success of their children through college education. Since 2002, Children of Fallen Patriots has provided more than $10.8 million in total assistance, including college scholarships, supplemental grants and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Nearly 20,000 children from all across America will need future assistance. Help today by visiting

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