Student Spotlight: Kamryn Dey

As a Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) scholarship recipient, Kamryn was given the opportunity to complete a summer internship with vineyard vines in the Customer Care department.

Student Spotlight: Sebastian Niuman

“Fallen Patriots has tremendously helped and impacted my life for the better.  From helping financially with books to putting me in contact Kaiser Aluminum, I am so grateful,” said Sebastian.

Student Spotlight: Patrick Foster

With the help of Fallen Patriots, Patrick Jr. is studying finance at Georgetown University. After graduation he hopes to begin a career with the government at either the Treasury Department or the Federal Reserve.

Student Spotlight: Kelsi Johnson

Kelsi is studying Families Studies at Weber State University.  She plans to go into the field of therapy/counseling to help others overcome hardships and reach their full potential. 

Student Spotlight: Madison Roussel

“I’m a first generation college graduate and I know my Dad would be proud of me for achieving something he and my family worked hard for me to have access to.”

Student Spotlight: Shelby Duessel

“Fallen Patriots has been a supportive, reliable organization that has given me the opportunity to achieve my academic goals. The stress of college has been drastically decreased by the assistance they have provided me with.”

Student Spotlight: Trinity Bounds

“Fallen Patriots has impacted my life so much.  Without their gracious assistance, I would be really struggling with money to get through college. They have really helped me start out my journey in college very smoothly, and I am so beyond grateful.”

Student Spotlight: Koby Schild

One of Koby’s fondest memories of his dad revolves around the Fourth of July.  Every year they would go buy fireworks together then hang out in the driveway shooting them off until they were gone. 

Student Spotlight: Aaron Booker

“Fallen Patriots has honestly been a blessing because they make you feel like your loss is not forgotten.  Every time I get an e-mail from them, it reminds me of my father and honestly feels like him blessing me even in death.” 

Student Spotlight: Morgan Belser

“My Dad would be proud of me for making it this far in my academic career.  Fallen Patriots has given me opportunities I did not even know I had!”

Student Spotlight: Taylor Lee

“Fallen Patriots helped me get through college. My mom is a single parent and she has done everything on her own. If Fallen Patriots was not there to assist us, I probably would not have gone to college.”

Student Spotlight: Connor McCracken

Connor plans to start his own company to provide drone services to local emergency response organizations, engineering companies and realtors. 

Student Spotlight: Madison Swisher

With the help of Fallen Patriots, Madison is studying psychology and anthropology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Her goal is to become a psychologist who helps diagnose developmentally disabled children. 

Student Spotlight: Dale Mundell

With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots), Dale is studying aviation at Eastern Kentucky University.  He aspires to be an airline pilot for American Airlines so he can be part of Snowball Express, a program that sends families of fallen soldiers on an all expenses paid vacation.

Student Spotlight: Rachel Brackeen

Rachel Brackeen is the daughter of fallen U.S. Army National Guard Sergeant Clifford Brackeen. “He absolutely loved every minute of being able to serve his country and fight for our freedom,” she explained.

Student Spotlight: Daniel Bertolino

Daniel was 12 years old when his father died overseas. “When I lost my father, I gained a new family through Fallen Patriots, and what a blessing they have been to me through tough times," Daniel said.

Student Spotlight: Sarah Moehling

Sarah Moehling is the daughter of fallen U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 2, Timothy Moehling. When Sarah was just three years old her father died in a training accident while deployed.

Student Spotlight: Kylie Owen Willis

Kylie Owen Willis is the daughter of fallen U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Kirk Owen.  She was fifteen years old when he died while deployed in Afghanistan. 

Student Spotlight: Brandi Anderson

With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots), Brandi is studying at Stetson University. She plans to pursue a master’s degree specializing in Public Administration to fulfill her dream of working for the National Park Service.