Tony Bertolino, Jr. was 13 years old when his dad, Army SSG Anthony Bertolino, was killed in action while on deployment in Haditha, Iraq.  His mother and his three brothers and sisters were in shock after losing their beloved husband and father. 


Fallen Patriots Helps Gold Star Student Say "Yes" to College Dreams

As the oldest child, Tony was the first to go to college. Knowing that the expense would be great, he decided to attend a community college. While he was there, he learned about Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Within a few weeks, he learned he was eligible to receive grants from the foundation that would help him afford the college of his choice.

The assistance from Children of Fallen Patriots helped Tony achieve his dream of attending Brigham Young University. “Words cannot express how grateful I am to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation for their help,” said Bertolino. He hopes to earn his MBA and one day open his own business or become a marketing manager. 

To get involved and to learn more about Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, visit If you are eligible for a college scholarship, we encourage you to take the time to enroll now. You can enroll on our website at, or call us at 1-866-917-CFPF to enroll with one of our staff members over the phone.