Student Spotlight: Chelsea Briggs

Chelsea Briggs father, Raymond Briggs, served in the Air Force and passed away tragically. Chelsea believes sacrifice means putting your life down, or going out of your way to help and save others. 

“For me, Veteran’s Day is a special time for me to think about my dad and live on his legacy,” explained Chelsea.

Veteran's Day - Children of Fallen Patriots Foundaton

SSgt. Raymond Briggs is resting at the Hawaii State Veteran’s Cemetery in Kaneohe. It was his wish to retire and spend the rest of his life in Hawaii with his family. Every year on Veteran’s Day, his three surviving children, and wife attend the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Hawaii State Veteran’s Cemetery. There they present Hawaiian leis to all present veterans and those who have passed away.

“My dad worked very hard and sacrificed his life for the military to serve our country,” explained Chelsea. “I always used to see him help and take care of others. I want to have a big heart like my dad and always be there for people when they're in need.”

Chelsea never imagined that her father would not be here on the day that she graduated and started college. College was something her dad used to talk about, so it is a difficult process for her to go through without him. She currently is a freshmen at the University of Hawaii. 

Chelsea’s dad wanted to be a police officer and serve the community, but he passed away before he was able to fulfill that dream. Therefore, in the future, Chelsea wants to fulfill her dad’s dream by having a job in law enforcement and help make the community a safe place.