Student Spotlight: Johanna Walker

When surviving scholar Johanna Walker steps onto the academic quad in August, she will be taking the first step towards a dream that her father died to protect.

Military Monthly Giving Program

Johanna Walker’s dad, Colonel Cliff Walker, died saving her brother from drowning on Memorial Day. Her father’s sacrifice showed her the depth of love and the courage found in sacrifice. Although her father passed nine years ago, Johanna still clearly remembers what his hug felt like and she knew that the safest place in the world was in his hug.

“I was protected and cherished and loved so completely by my dad, and I could always feel that,” explained Johanna.

The death of Johanna’s father changed her life forever. Colonel Cliff Walker gave his life willingly for his son and the impact of that is beyond words. With the thought of her father’s sacrifice in mind, Johanna wishes to continue her father’s work in public health and improving people’s quality of life around the world.

“My dad was one of those people with an incorrigible moral compass. Integrity and honesty were fundamental to every part of who he was, which is sometimes a pretty high standard to live up to. I would like to think that he would be proud of me for the way that I’ve tried to do the same—and that I didn’t shy away from life.”

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