Student Spotlight: Katie Zimmermann

Army National Guard

Katie Zimmermann’s dad, William J. Zimmermann, served in the Army National Guard and ultimately passed away in a helicopter crash.  Katie was only two years old when he died. Although she has an extremely close relationship with her mom, nobody can replace the loss of a father. It’s an obvious void in her life. 

“In my world, the often heard tagline, ‘There is a price for freedom, it doesn’t come free,’ has real meaning. The sacrifice that my father paid to serve his country was his life,” explained Katie. “Sacrificing a life for service to our country has very noble meaning. I lost my father, but his death left me with a great pride in the way he died.”

Katie believes her father would be proud that she has worked hard in school and achieved good grades. In her spare time, Katie enjoys being involved in community service. She trusts her dad would be very happy with the decisions she has made in her life. 

Katie hopes to make the world a better place. Her life goal has always been to make her mother proud of her. She plans to make the most of her college experience at Marist College where she is a freshman with continued support from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. 

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