Paige Garber Child of The Fallen

Paige Garber’s dad served in the U.S Navy and passed away from a massive heart attack while deployed aboard the USS Eisenhower in the North Arabian Sea. After Garber’s passing, his impact on the lives of others was evident. Over 600 sailors and marines volunteered and lined the street leading to the chapel where his memorial service was held.

Paige was raised a 'Navy brat,' which means, growing up her dad missed numerous birthdays, holidays, musicals, soccer games and just everyday life events. Paige will never forget one deployment when her dad returned home. It was a rainy, chilly homecoming as her siblings watched his ship pull in. They were pressed up against the chain link fence scanning the ship for their sailor until they saw him and took off.  

Remember The Fallen

“We ran alongside each other until we got to the opening and he grabbed all three of us and pulled us into a huge bear hug! There were photographers all around and we ended up having our picture in the newspaper, which was so cool,” explained Paige. “The best part of it, however, was having my dad home. Nothing was better than having him home.”

The one lesson Paige continues to learn in life is that nothing really ever goes as planned. Therefore, her goal in the future is to do something that she loves. She hopes to work in a profession where she feels like she’s making a difference in some way.

Family of the Fallen

“Because of his sacrifice, he changed lives,” explained Paige. “It is because of the impact that he made in the lives of others that his sacrifice will always inspire me to serve and love others unconditionally, just like he did.”