Hannah Davis lost her father in a Black Hawk accident when she was only three years old. His distinguished military career and drive to succeed has influenced her entire life.

“My father went above and beyond in his service. He walked as a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, flew as a Black Hawk pilot, and served in the Special Forces,” explained Hannah. “He pushed every limit in his career to become the best that he could. His sacrifice drives me to do the same in my endeavors.”

The memories Hannah has of her father are fuzzy, but the stories that her mom, grandparents, and aunts tell her are what keep his memory alive. Hannah believes she was truly too young to realize what it meant to lose her father. When her mom told her daddy had gone to heaven all she could say was "well who will I play candy land with then?"

“I was blessed however to get to re-experience my father's full military service funeral,” explained Hannah. “When I was in 7th grade my mom decided it was time my father take his rightful place at Arlington National Cemetery.”

Hannah recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State University. With Fallen Patriots’ help, Hannah has overcome tremendous challenges and achieved a noteworthy milestone in her life.