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On March 23, 2003, U.S. Marine Corps First Lieutenant Frederick E. Pokorney was killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He left behind a wife and young daughter, Taylor. “My father’s military service means everything to me,” she explained. “He fought for our freedom in America and helped women and children get certain freedoms in Iraq.”

Taylor plans to become a psychologist. “My father’s sacrifice along with the Marines who served with him have inspired me to become a psychologist and pursue my dream of helping those who serve our country and risk their lives every day.” With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, she is studying psychology and business at the University of San Francisco.

Fallen Patriots is proud of support students like Taylor. She entered her freshman year with forty college credits, thanks to her hard work and determination during high school. “Fallen Patriots has helped my mother and I feel part of a family and community. I appreciate all of the support Fallen Patriots has given me for my education,” she explained.

“I think my Dad would be most proud of me being so successful in school. I have flourished in school, even though the path has not been easy,” Taylor shared. She said she has struggled with the loss of her father, until one day she realized she needed to live for him.  “My advice is to not let losing someone affect your whole life. Live for them.”