Brandi Anderson is the daughter of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Michael Anderson. He lost his life on May 2, 2004 from a mortar attack. Brandi says her father truly exemplified the ‘can do’ motto of the Seabees. “One thing he taught me from a young age is to never give up. I think he would be proud of how I always try to finish the task I am handed, no matter the challenge.”

With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots), Brandi is studying at Stetson University. She plans to pursue a master’s degree specializing in Public Administration to fulfill her dream of working for the National Park Service. “My family has always had great interest in National Parks, so I thought this would be a perfect career.”

Brandi is making the most of her college experience by participating in extracurricular activities. She is the administrative vice president of her sorority, the director of social media for club volleyball, a committee member of model senate, and interning with her county’s mosquito control. “Children of Fallen Patriots has had a great impact on my life. They bought me a laptop for school and I use it for every class as it’s proven to be one of the key tools in my education.”

Brandi has learned to never take a moment with a loved one for granted. “Cherish every moment. So many people died for the country’s freedom, and that sacrifice should never be forgotten.” Fallen Patriots aims to identify and provide scholarships to all 20,000 children who have lost a parent in the line of duty over the past 35 years.