May 30, 2016

In remembrance of military members who’ve lost their lives while serving the United States and in honor of their surviving families, PepsiCo launched a 5000-mile Rolling Remembrance relay across the country that began in Seattle and ended in New York. With immense gratitude, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is proud to announce that Rolling Remembrance was a remarkable success raising $100,000 for Fallen Patriots.

The relay of the American flag displayed PepsiCo’s vast appreciation for all military members, past and present, and their families. Along the Rolling Remembrance journey, PepsiCo’s dedication and corporate social responsibility inspired onlookers.

“When a Fortune 500 company goes out of their way to do something so good, so thoughtful and so respectful it brings tears to peoples’ eyes, the initiative is surely significant,” stated Kendra E. Davenport, President of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

While the Rolling Remembrance flag was relayed at each site, participation from the local community was encouraged. Local teams were on hand to greet the flag in order to pay tribute to the sacrifices of veterans and their families as communities prepared for Memorial Day.

"PepsiCo’s partnership with Children of Fallen Patriots directly benefits military children of servicemen and women who have sacrificed everything for our country. Rolling Remembrance generates tremendous support and the awareness it brings about across the country, helps us provide college scholarships and educational assistance to more of the estimated 20,000 children who have lost an active duty parent in the past 35 years,” explained Davenport. “We're very grateful to PepsiCo for their commitment to military families.  They do more than just donate - they inspire people to get involved."

PepsiCo’s dedication to help us fulfill our mission has been inspiring, and it is our sincere hope that it will continue to be shared with such accomplishment. While incredibly generous, nearly 20,000 children from all across America are still in need of future assistance. Fallen Patriots continues to work to honor those who are no longer with us by giving to those they left behind.

Watch full video recap here.