May 8, 2016

Linda Ambard shared 23 years with her husband, Maj Philip D Ambard, before he was killed in Afghanistan. Together they had five children who were raised all over the world, lived in base housing and went to base schools.

Maj Philip D Ambard spent 16 years enlisted.  During the first half of their marriage, he deployed for 6-months a year because he spoke ten languages fluently. 

“I worried about him then, not when he became an officer and then an Air Force Academy professor,” explained Linda.

Over 97% of those killed in action are men, leaving mothers with the financial responsibilities of raising a family. Surviving moms endure many challenges, but also find comfort in knowing there are organizations like Fallen Patriots who want to help.

Philip believed their kids needed to give something back to their country through military service, or volunteering. Four of their children attended service academies, with the help of Fallen Patriots. 

Linda believes her family’s relationship with Fallen Patriots is important because it draws them closer to other families traveling the same road, so that they can stand strong together.