Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers, once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  This quote simply urges the importance of proper planning to avoid failure.  When planning is part of a process, execution becomes easier and more effective.  Here are some simple tips to make the best study plan for finals.

Make a reasonable study schedule

A study schedule helps maintain order.  By assigning an allotted amount of time to study each subject, students can create a routine that works.  A good place to start is mapping out the dates and times of each final examination, then decide how many hours must be dedicated to each subject.   A well-planned day will help defeat distractions and avoid cramming and procrastination. 

Begin studying right away

Once you have analyzed your schedule and responsibilities, act immediately because action is the key to stress reduction.  Track your progress to make sure each subject is proficiently comprehended to ensure you are prepared for the examination.  When you log your study hours, you keep yourself accountable which may help you improve in the future.

Quiz yourself with flash cards and practice tests

Flash cards are a highly effective study tool.  They’re inexpensive, portable, and offer various study methods.  According to Brainscape, quizzing yourself using flash cards engages ‘active recall’, which creates strong neuron connections for memory trace.  

Stay healthy

Self-care is crucial during final exams.  Sleep helps your brain consolidate everything you’ve learned into memory.  Eating balanced meals consisting of protein, grains, and vegetables helps nourish your body and keeps energy levels up.  Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain and releases endorphins, which may increase productivity.

Know your distractions and avoid them at all costs

Some of the most common distractions are social media, video games, and socializing with friends.  Turn off your cell phone and go to the library for focused work space.   If you feel you are still unable to focus, remember why you are in college.  Keeping the end goal in mind is helpful and provides satisfaction in putting in the hard work necessary to succeed.