Mariana Bandhold is the daughter of fallen U.S. Army soldier Scott Bandhold.  She aspires to make him proud by sharing her music with the world.  After listening to the same song over and over again for one month straight once he passed away, Mariana says music helped her heal.  “I feel like after that my mission has always been to make people feel better,” she explained. “I will never give up because I feel like it is what I am meant to do.”  

With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Mariana graduated debt free from AMDA with a BFA degree in performing arts. “Thanks to Fallen Patriots, my father’s dream of me going to college was turned into a reality,” she said. “I think he would be proud of how persistent, hardworking, and genuinely kind I am to others.” 

Mariana encourages others military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty to remember that they are loved.  “There is always something positive you can take from every experience, no matter how dark it may seem.”  She says he father is her hero and feels blessed to call him her guardian angel.  He was generous, kind, and loved making people feel good. “He is my inspiration to be a better human being every day.  He gives me strength and love, even though he is up there, he is still very much alive in my heart!” 

There are approximately 20,000 military who have lost an active duty parent in the military over the last 35 years.  The vision of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to ensure that every such child receives all necessary college funding.