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Elizabeth O’Hare was just three years old when her dad lost his life in a U.S. Navy training accident.  “Being a Gold Star military child brings its challenges, but it has also brought me to appreciate the sacrifice that military men and women make for the country each day,” she said. Although her father’s life was cut short, Elizabeth strives to continue his work of helping others.

Elizabeth is now a senior at Mount St. Mary’s University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Biology.  She was recently chosen by her professors as the Edward J. Flanagan Award Recipient, the highest honor for a Mount St. Mary’s senior to receive. “Elizabeth has a maturity and depth that few Ph.D. candidates and medical residents ever show.  She’s formidable and a force of nature,” said Eric Jelin, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Director of the Fetal Program at John Hopkins Children’s Center.

During her time in college, Elizabeth tutored other students, published research, lead events to promote the dignity of human life, and volunteered to care for children with special needs during church service on Sunday.

After she graduates, Elizabeth will spend the next two years earning her Master of Education from Notre Dame.  She’ll also be teaching high school science as part of the Alliance for Catholic Education - which forms talented, faith-filled college graduates to renew and transform school classrooms.

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